Professional Dog Grooming Service in a friendly modern salon in Swindon

Now with over 1,300 customers  Hair of the Dog Groomers have proved that after a visit to Hair of the Dog Groomers your dog can be guaranteed a professional service with a most enjoyable relaxing experience for your dog.

When you and your dog visit Hair of the Dog Groomers your dogs welfare and happiness will be my first priority. Most dogs experiencing being groomed for the first time will be unsure of who I am and what exactly am I going to do to them, after all its all very strange, the last time they were in a room like this and placed on a table it was called a vets and most dogs don't remember that being to exciting! And mum or dad has just walk off and left them too! But after I reassure them with lots of soft talking and gentle quiet movements and lots of fuss and attention they soon relax. I find working in my environment with only one dog in my salon at a time whilst being groomed they have no other distractions nobody walking in and out as appointments are by booking over the phone, it is the perfect one to one experience for most dogs and by the time they come to leave we are usually best of friends.

Full discussion with the owner on how they would like there dog cut is undertaken and plenty of advice is given if you are not sure of how they should look. Firstly all dogs are given a full groom with the removal of knots, then they are given a nice warm shower in a full size bath as it gives large dogs plenty of room to move about "although sometimes the staff end up having a bath too!!" All dogs coats are shampooed and conditioned complete with a deep massage, after this they are blown dry, often a relaxing time for them and some dogs take this chance to drop off for 40 winks! Coats are then professionally styled to a high standard, they are then polished off and nails are cut if required. Ears are plucked on certain breeds and a light dental can also be carried out, anal glades can be emptied if required as well. The whole process takes between 1 and 3 hours depending on the length and condition of the coat.

All prices are available on request and include all of the process above, if coats are in bad condition where the dog has not been to the groomer for a long time i.e.; matted or very long  a small charge will be made on top of this, this will be discussed when the dog first visits Hair of the Dog Groomers.

When you collect your dog it will leave Hair of the Dog Groomers with a waggie tail and you as the owner will be happy to know your dog will soon be looking forward to their next visit to Hair of the Dog Groomers.
Denise is also very happy to give advice to prospectus owners on which breed to select for their lifestyle  if you are thinking of acquiring a dog in the future as she has plenty of experience of the different breeds.
Hair of the Dog Groomers also offers a nail clipping service which costs £5.00 and can usually be carried out with out an appointment.

Milo gets a trim! The SwindonWeb dog goes to 'Hair of the Dog' for an afternoon of pooch pampering, click here to watch the video


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