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For a price on grooming your dog please give me a ring or a text with details of your dog and I will give you a set price with no add on's like some groomers do when you come to collect your dog, the only exception to this is if your dog is so badly matted and it takes me extra time but I will inform you of this before I start grooming, with prices ranging from £20.00 to £50.00 it's hard to give an exact price list. My prices are calculated on my skill and experience as a dog groomer, my loyalty to my customers with regards to reliability and the willingness to adjust appointments if customers require it. Our dogs are very precious to us and we all like to save a pound or two but I have always been a believer 'you get what you pay for' and when it comes to our dogs can we afford to risk this.

If you are visiting Hair of the dog groomers for the first time I do offer a 10% discount.
Hair Of The Dog Groomers
1a Hangmans Path
Combe Martin
EX34 0DL

Telephone: 01271 523 503
Mobile: 07866507633


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