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"I first took Pip to Denise two and a half years ago pretty much when she opened, and I can honestly say I was surprised as to how much of an enjoyable experience Pip had whilst in Denise's care. When I picked her up not only did she look fantastic, but to be honest she really did not want to come back with me having had such a great time. I have been taking Pip ever since and she really enjoys it and cannot wait to go in when we get to the door."
Dave Roberts

Pepe has been going to Denise every 6 weeks since Hair Of The Dog Groomers opened in Swindon.  As proud owners we would not take him anywhere else, Denise looks after him and always does what we ask for in a cut.  Pepe really loves going and we have full confidence that he is treated with lots of love and care whilst there.  He always looks happy to see Denise with lots of wagging of his tail. We would recommend Denise to anyone as a fully professional dog groomer with that added personal touch of love which she shows to all the dogs she grooms.

We would both like to thank you for grooming Pepe.

Marie and Chris Allen

Taking our two mucky Westies to the groomers was always a stressful time for both us and the dogs. Maggie was scared to go in and Daisy hated being bathed. On return from the groomer there were often squabbles between the girls that turned into full blown fights. We always assumed that these were brought on by the stress and possibly the treatment. Attempts to bathe them at home always turned into a very wet and difficult experience trying to juggle two of them in the bath at one time.

To our rescue came Denise at Hair Of The Dog.

We took the girls there the first time and we were extremely happy to see that all of the bathing and grooming took place in full sight of anyone. Previously our puppies had been taken out of sight and put in cages whilst awaiting various stages of the cleaning process. Not Hair Of The Dog!! The girls were allowed to play in the large open space; there were toys, a low windowsill so that they could see out of the window and guard there temporary dwelling from all intruders. There was food, treats in a treat jar and then of course there was always Denise's lunch to assist her with. Suddenly grooming became an enjoyable experience for them and therefore for us. The girls always come back looking great, smelling sweet and full of fun.

Apart from the fact that we can now take the girls to the groomer and not feel stressed but Denise also does a fantastic job. She cuts them as we request and doesn't use gallons of smelly perfumes, which often caused irritation to Daisy's skin. We would happily recommend anyone to take their pampered pets to Denise where she treats our girls as if they were her own. The girls love her, she is very patient and tolerant and therefore there is no stress for what we consider our most important assets (our two West Highland White Terrors).

Denise has been grooming my 2 Collie X's (Oscar & Millie) for approx 1year. She started with Oscar at first.  Oscar is a Collie x GSD; he has the thick GSD undercoat, which can really thick and smelly.  On the first visit, Oscar was totally thin out and looked fantastic!  Then in Dec 05, we got Millie,another Collie x, she was 8 weeks old.  Once fully vaccinated, Millie too joined the pampering sessions at "Hair Of The Dog Groomers". 

Millie has a very wild coat, Denise works extremely hard and Millie looks beautiful afterwards. When I collected the dogs, after Denise had done her magic, I could have cried.  But tears of disbelief, they looked so good and really, really cute!!

They never seemed afraid of her and are happy to see her every 6 weeks or so. She is never rough or impatient, and they learned to behave. I can now spend some time grooming them too.  I often get stopped on walks, and people say how nice their coats are.  I can not recommend "Hair of the Dog" enough.

Many thanks to Denise and her VERY loving way with them.  I now have a 3rd dog; a Border collie (Pucci) and she too will now be pampered by Denise.

Regards, Sue Rudge.  Oscar, Millie and Pucci.
Hair Of The Dog Groomers
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